Call for Scores Youth Submission

About Call for Scores

All young composers aged 18 and under are welcome to submit choral and organ works, whether complete or still in progress, to Call for Scores. We are very happy to work with you through the composition process of completing your piece with suggestions and feedback. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions prior to submission on any aspect of Call for Scores! Just write to us at

Here are some suggestions:

  • Your piece should be suitable for performance in church during Choral Eucharist. Your Director of Music can advise you on this, or just ask us by sending an email.
  • Your piece can be accompanied or unaccompanied. If accompanied, it’s good to think of an accompaniment style that is suitable for both piano and organ.
  • Your piece can be scored for multiple voices. Usually choir music is written for four voices, Soprano (or Treble), Alto, Tenor and Bass. You can use fewer voices if your piece is accompanied.
  • You are very welcome to send compositions that are still under development. This way we can assist you during the composition process.
  • All submissions should be made by 28 February 2019.
  • Selected pieces will be performed during 2019’s London Festival of Contemporary Music, which is held in May, after Easter. It’s good for the words of your piece to be related to Easter in some fashion, or to be appropriate for general use. Keep in mind that we can’t perform Christmas music during May, no matter how good it is, nor can we perform music for Holy Week. We can suggest some suitable texts for you to consider if you’re not sure – just ask.
  • Selected composers will be offered mentoring by the Festival’s composer patrons during March and April. This is an opportunity for you to receive guidance and suggestions from some of the country’s finest living composers to help you improve your piece.

The single most important piece of advice is to ask questions if you’re unsure of anything. Just write to us at – we’re happy to help!

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Works for Submission

You are welcome to submit up to three works to us (it’s fine to submit just one!). You are welcome to submit works that are still under development and incomplete; this way we can help you during the composition process.


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Please upload your scores in PDF format (max. 3 Mb each).

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