8.30pm, Thursday 16 May
St Pancras Parish Church, NW1 2BA

This event is unticketed and takes the form of a liturgical service. The performance duration is approximately 45 minutes.

Night Prayer


The Lacock Scholars
Greg Skidmore Director


Night Prayer: Compline Renewed Ben Rowarth

The Lacock Scholars directed by Greg Skidmore perform Night Prayer, a complete musical setting of the liturgy of compline. Ben Rowarth’s music is entirely through­-composed, carefully allowing the elements of the compline service to flow together into one seamless forty­-five minute presentation. Examining themes of intimacy, fear, life and death, the work explores ways that sound can be experienced in different parts of sacred spaces.

Night Prayer takes its inspiration from compline’s rich musical heritage while simultaneously seeking to challenge, experiment, and reinvent the way music can be used to enhance sacred liturgy.

Also on Thursday 16 May