Please read these guidelines carefully, even if you have submitted to Call for Scores before. Call for Scores in 2020 is smaller in scope than usual due to the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic. The guidelines differ from previous years.

Call for Scores is an open submission process for music to be performed at the next Festival. Since the first Call for Scores in 2010 we have received hundreds of new compositions from around the world, both from established composers as well as from those whose careers are just beginning. All composers, no matter your age and level of experience, are warmly invited to submit new works.

Churches across London are invited to select music from Call for Scores to include in their services. These will principally be Choral Eucharist and Choral Evensong services that are sung on the opening and closing Sundays of the Festival. In addition to these services, we are interested in new music for Compline, sung at St Pancras Parish Church during Festival week. On certain occasions, submissions to Call for Scores may also be premiered at concerts and recitals.

With LFCCM 2020 postponed until May 2021, Call for Scores submissions from 2019 will now be performed in 2021 instead of 2020. Since LFCCM 2021 includes Ascension Day and Ascension Sunday, Call for Scores this year is smaller in scope and focuses solely on anthems and motets appropriate for Ascensiontide. Specifically, we are interested in:

  • Ascensiontide motets for Choral Eucharist.
  • Ascensiontide anthems and introits for Choral Evensong and Compline.
  • With the exception of Compline, all services include congregational hymns and organ voluntaries, and we welcome submissions of new hymns and works for solo organ suitable for performance at organ recitals during the Festival.

Submitting to Call for Scores

Please read this section carefully. It differs from previous years.

The Festival will offer a single submission track for Call for Scores this year.

  • Personal submissions of unpublished works by composers of any age. All composers are welcome to submit one or more unpublished works to Call for Scores. You acknowledge you hold the copyright of your submissions, and you agree to grant us the right to distribute and reproduce your scores for the purpose of rehearsal and performance during the Festival. We then liaise with participating churches to ensure that as many qualifying submissions as possible receive a performance.

Youth submissions, for composers aged 21 or younger, and Commercial submissions of published works will return to Call for Scores in 2021.

Submission Guidelines

We generally receive many more pieces than we have the possibility of performing. Please consider the following guidelines carefully.

  • Pieces for choir should be scored for SATB or SSATB with minimal divisi. Both accompanied and unaccompanied pieces are accepted, with the exception of music for Compline, which should be unaccompanied.
  • We can also accept shorter pieces for use as introits scored for upper or lower voices alone, though these should be unaccompanied.
  • Music should be appropriate for regular use in church services, written at a level of difficulty that is appropriate for a single rehearsal before each service.
  • Music should be submitted as a PDF generated directly from a music typesetter. Scans of pre-printed or handwritten scores will not be accepted. Experience shows that our participating churches tend not to select scores that are poorly presented, so we may ask you to correct typos, fix layout problems, and generally ensure the presentation of your score is as of as high a standard as possible before we accept it for distribution.
  • You must gain appropriate written permission to use any texts currently under copyright before submitting your score.
  • Choral works must be specific to Ascension Day, Ascension Sunday, or Ascensiontide generally. Works relevant for other seasons of the church year - even if covered by the Festival period - will not be accepted.
  • We are looking for works which are idiomatic and effective; works which are written to be performed in services, to be contemplative, inspiring, uplifting; and works which are able to act as a point of focus.
  • Some of the most effective works are comparatively simple; this is particularly important for works that we hope will become a regular feature in the repertoire of church choirs.

Submit your scores

Please note that Call for Scores in 2020 is limited to Personal submissions of unpublished works only. The Youth and Commercial submission tracks are not available this year. Choral works must be specific to Ascensiontide.

Click the link below to upload your scores as PDF files. We also ask you to complete an information form.