Hymn of Winter

This is a live recording of Hymn of Winter by Alexander Blustin. It was performed at St Pancras Parish Church on Thursday 14 May 2015 by The Choir of St Pancras Parish Church and Christopher Batchelor Conductor.

The text, written by the composer, reads:

Early frost of starlight, you bless the field at evening,
Filigree of treetops worshipping below;
And I’m watching for the end of the day, as it is leaving
Sunset lying amber in the snow.

Though the world is frozen – and animals are sleeping,
Birds have flown away – I know I’m not alone,
For in every twig and snowflake I feel that he is near me,
Holy child of winter long ago.

Deep within the stillness, that holy child is singing;
What is still to come draws near what went before,
And what’s old is ever young, and each end is a beginning:
Yesterday, tomorrow, evermore.