Hymn of Winter

This is a live recording of Hymn of Winter by Alexander Blustin. It was performed at St Pancras Parish Church on Thursday 14 May 2015 by st-pancras-choir.

The text, written by the composer, reads:

Early frost of starlight, you bless the field at evening,
Filigree of treetops worshipping below;
And I’m watching for the end of the day, as it is leaving
Sunset lying amber in the snow.

Though the world is frozen – and animals are sleeping,
Birds have flown away – I know I’m not alone,
For in every twig and snowflake I feel that he is near me,
Holy child of winter long ago.

Deep within the stillness, that holy child is singing;
What is still to come draws near what went before,
And what’s old is ever young, and each end is a beginning:
Yesterday, tomorrow, evermore.