Erotic Fragments
Martin Eastwood

About the recording

These are live recordings of the six movements of Erotic Fragments by Martin Eastwood. They were performed on Friday 15 May 2015 at St Pancras Parish Church by William Petter (tenor) and Peter Foggitt (piano).

About the music

These are six short songs which are set to texts from the biblical Song of Songs. There is debate over how the texts should be interpreted; in some traditions, they are seen more as allegorical representations of the relationship between God and Israel, or between Christ and his church, as husband and wife. The composer reads the poetry as love poetry, not as typology or allegory, describing the fragments as ‘songs of erotic longing and desire, but not fulfilment’.

Eastwood groups the various poems in the following manner:

  1. Awakening to the call of the beloved;
  2. Imagined arrival of the beloved;
  3. Expectation disappointed, but then …
  4. … Renewed;
  5. Hearing the wooing voice of the beloved;
  6. Returning to a state of readiness to depart with him.