Matthias the Man

This is a live recording of Matthias the Man by Tim Ambler. It was performed at St Pancras Parish Church on Thursday 14 May 2015 by The Choir of St Pancras Parish Church directed by Christopher Batchelor.

Tim Ambler’s career and work focussed on marketing and advertising. While a faculty member at the London Business School he researched government regulation policy of the European Union and the United Kingdom. His published books cover advertising, marketing performance measurement and business operations in China. Formerly a joint Managing Director of IDV (now part of Diageo Plc), he was involved in launching the Baileys, Malibu and Archers brands, as well as the development of Smirnoff vodka worldwide.

Since retirement, Ambler has focussed his energy on music composition. His works have been performed by Inter Alia and the Choir of Westminster Cathedral; as a patron of The London Festival of Contemporary Church Music, he has written a variety of anthems, services and hymns for performance at the Festival. Ambler is a member of the Norfolk Composers Group.

Church music today embraces a wide variety of styles, reflecting the different traditions of Christian worship around the world and even in this country. Within this variety there should always be a place for music which explores the contemporary serious idioms, and the Festivals at St Pancras have become the vanguard, including and even commissioning works which engage the mind. The mind of worshippers who desire something beyond the fashionable songs which, although they have their place, are of their essence ephemeral.

Alan Gibbs, composer