London Bridge
United Kingdom

Past Events

LFCCM 2023

1:15pm, Monday 15 May Organ Recital by James GoughMusic by David Bednall, Francis Pott, Cecilia McDowall, and Daniel Roth
5:30pm, Monday 15 May Choral EvensongSung by the Cathedral’s girl choristers and lay clerks, with music by David Bednall, Kenneth Leighton, Philip Moore, and Cecilia McDowall

LFCCM 2017

3:00pm, Sunday 7 May Choral EvensongMusic by Michael Tippett and Philip Moore
1:10pm, Monday 8 May Organ RecitalThe Organist and Director of Music of Southwark Cathedral, Peter Wright, performs a programme including music by Paul Drayton, Simon Preston and Jean Guillou

LFCCM 2015

1:00pm, Monday 11 May Organ RecitalMusic by Anton Heiller, Francis Jackson, and Olivier Latry
5:30pm, Monday 11 May Choral EvensongMusic by Noel Rawsthorne, Bryan Kelly, and Huw Llewellyn Morgan

LFCCM 2014

5:30pm, Monday 12 May Choral EvensongMusic by Jonathan Dove

LFCCM 2012

5:30pm, Thursday 17 May Choral EucharistMusic by Judith Bingham and Gerald Finzi

LFCCM 2011

12:45pm, Monday 9 May Pre-Concert TalkPre-Concert Talk by Diana Burrell
1:15pm, Monday 9 May Lunchtime RecitalStudents from The Royal Academy of Music, directed by David Titterington, perform organ and instrumental works by Diana Burrell and Sofia Gubaidulina.
5:30pm, Thursday 12 May Choral Evensong(Repertoire pending confirmation)

LFCCM 2010

1:15pm, Monday 10 May Organ RecitalPerformed by Peter Wright, organ. Programme includes works by Jean-Pierre Leguay, Thierry Escaich, and Huw Watkins.
5:30pm, Monday 10 May Choral EvensongMusic by Richard Shephard, Edmund Rubbra, and Judith Bingham
5:20pm, Thursday 13 May Choral EucharistChoral Eucharist with Dance for Ascension Day, performed by Peter Wright, organ, and students from The London College of Music and Creative Academy

LFCCM 2009

1:00pm, Monday 11 May Organ RecitalPerformed by Stephen Disley, organ
5:30pm, Thursday 14 May Choral EvensongMusic by Edmund Rubbra and Huw Llewellyn Morgan

LFCCM 2008

5:30pm, Thursday 15 May Choral EvensongMusic by Richard Shephard, Stephen Tanner, and Jonathan Dove