Hanover Square
United Kingdom

Past Events

LFCCM 2024

11:00am, Sunday 12 May Sung MassMusic by Tomás Luis da Vittoria, Patrick Gowers, and Olivier Messiaen
11:00am, Sunday 19 May Sung MassMusic by Cecilia McDowall and Jonathan Harvey

LFCCM 2023

11:00am, Sunday 14 May Sung EucharistMusic by Judith Bingham, Cecilia McDowall, and Thierry Escaich

LFCCM 2022

11:00am, Sunday 8 May Sung EucharistMusic by Ghislaine Reece-Trapp, Ben Parry, and Daniel Saleeb

LFCCM 2019

11:00am, Sunday 19 May Sung EucharistMusic by Gabriel Jackson, Grayston Ives, and Judith Bingham

LFCCM 2018

11:00am, Sunday 13 May Parish EucharistMusic by Ronald Corp, Grayston Ives, and Simon Preston

LFCCM 2017

11:00am, Sunday 7 May Sung EucharistMusic by James MacMillan and Antony le Fleming

LFCCM 2014

11:00am, Sunday 18 May Sung EucharistMusic by Tapio Tuomela, Antony le Fleming, Paul Ayres, and Frederick Frahm

LFCCM 2006

7:00pm, Sunday 7 May ConcertPerformed by The Queldryk Chamber Choir, directed by Paul Ayres. Programme: Messyah and 4A Wreck: interventions in works by Handel and Fauré, by Paul Ayres.