Marlborough Rd
United Kingdom

Past Events

LFCCM 2016

11:00am, Sunday 8 May Choral MattinsMusic by Ned Rorem, Philip Radcliffe, Philip Moore, and James MacMillan

LFCCM 2014

11:15am, Sunday 18 May Sung MatinsMusic by Humphrey Clucas, Philip Moore, Christopher Dearnley, and James MacMillan

LFCCM 2013

11:15am, Sunday 19 May Choral MatinsMusic by William Walton, Philip Moore, and Peter Maxwell Davies

LFCCM 2012

11:00am, Sunday 13 May Choral MatinsMusic by Andrew Gant, Philip Moore, James MacMillan, and Andrew Simpson

LFCCM 2011

11:00am, Sunday 15 May Choral MatinsMusic by John Rutter, Andrew Gant, Benjamin Britten, and Philip Moore

LFCCM 2009

11:00am, Sunday 17 May Choral MatinsAll music by the current Master of The Queen’s Music, or by the current or previous Composer to the Chapel Royal